The chaotic environment

I am aware of the complexities of everyday life. The wisdom I’ve gathered has helped solve many of my problems but has also stemmed others. I struggle to find a balance in a world which is so advanced yet so confused. The technology we have become accustomed to does not feel as a step forward but rather a step back. The lack of communication between large corporations and ordinary people have created an environment that is comparable to a buffet. In the sense that we are not seen as people but rather as consumers who are ultimately prodding in a product filled cage. There is no order but only chaos. Profit is what incentivise businesses instead of the motive to empower the human race. How does one expect to be at peace with oneself if he is being constantly manipulated by a business plan.

We have to step back and realise the consequences of the values that surround this world we live in. From such a vantage point, then are we able to make an informed choice on how we wish to go about our lives.